Our business philosophy:

All the exclusive products which we have developed originate from the love of women The brand name Elena Didi for our beauty line has been chosen for a special reason. Elèna and Didi are the first names of the initiators mothers and by associating these first names with our products we honour not only these mothers but all the women of the world.

The ingredients we use for our products are of high-quality. They have proven their value over the years.

We also gave much love and attention to the design of our products, we hope that this love and this attention will touch your hearts.

Norms and values are important to us. That is why we will listen carefully to our clients and will only cooperate with suppliers who share our ethics.

Deliberately, not all our models  meet the common fashion ideal measurements. Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way.

We follow all the developments of the world in general and of the cosmetic world in particular. We are very environment conscious and will never sell products which have been tested on animals and we do not use parabens. Ofcourse our products are tested thoroughly by independent institutes, so that we are able to bring high quality and honest products on the market.

With our products we not only aim at enhancing the beauty of women, but we will spend also a part of the earnings to humanitary projects. For example, water facilities for people who have no easy access to drinking-water.

One drop makes the difference….