To ensure an optimal performance the website of Elèna Didi (the webshop included) make use of so-called cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files which after your visit to a website will be send to your computer. For example this can prevent that you don’t have to give the same information over and over again when your visit our website. Cookies from of Elèna Didi are reliable, and are not able to gather personal data.

What are the different types of cookies?

There are functional and non-functional cookies.

Functional cookies are those that  Elèna Didi places because they are necessary to ensure the functionality of its websites or services. This enables you, amongst others, to remain logged in.

Non-functional cookies are those that  Elèna Didi places, but that are not strictly necessary for the functionality of the website. We use these non-functional cookies to collect information on your website usage and to remember the selections you made. Take, for instance, language preferences, web pages you have visited and the orders you have previously made. With these cookies we are able to improve the quality of our website.

 What are cookies used for?

  • you remain logged in and you are able to shop undisturbed
  • goods will stay in your shopping cart
  • you are able to read and write reviews and watch video’s
  • the website will be fast
  • detection of errors and inconveniences
  • testing of improvements
  • personal advice, if you wish, based on orders you have previously made
  • you are able to share your opinion on social media like Facebook and Google

How long the cookies will remain?

The majority of the cookies will be removed after closing the browser. Some cookies will stay a couple of days or for a longer period.

Remove or deactivate cookies?

You are able to remove or deactivate the cookies any time via your browser settings. You can find more information regarding the browser settings in the Help-functionality of the most browsers. Warning, our website/webshop cannot perform optimally when you have removed or deactivated the functional cookies and the non-functional cookies. After deactivating of the cookies the cookies will be blocked with the exception of the so-called analytic cookies. These cookies only contain anonymous data, these data will not be shared with third parties.


version  November 2014