Elèna Didi thinks it is important to handle with care with your personal data. Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the national laws and regulations. Personal data are all the data which can be related to you. These are, among others, your name, (email)address and bank account.

For carrying out the agreement you have with Elèna Didi, it is necessary that Elèna Didi collects, temporarily stores  and process your personal data. These personal data is then used  to process your order and deliver. You agree that Elèna Didi is allowed to give your personal data to our shipping company for processing and completing your order.

Except for the order processing and Elèna Didi self-organized promotional activities, your personal data will not go to third parties unless you have given your consent.

You can revoke your previously given permission to give your personal data to third parties at any time by making this known to Elèna Didi by sending an email to or filling in our Contact-form on our website. Upon receipt of your cancellation, we will use the information in question no longer for marketing and /or other purposes.

Elèna Didi automatically obtains non-personal data about you such as the type of internet browser you use or the site from which you are linked to our site. You can’t be identified on the basis of this information. Elèna Didi uses this information to optimize its website as part of a continuous improvement process and to learn more about the users of the website This information will also not be provided to third parties.

Elèna Didi has taken appropriate steps to protect your personal data against unauthorized or improper use. You have the right to access the data collected by Elèna Didi which are related to you and you can request correction or deletion of these personal data. Elèna Didi will let you know within 4 weeks if your request can be fulfilled.

Version december 2014