How can I find out which ingredients are used in your products?

All our products have their own  ingredients listed on the package conform the International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) 

Do your products contain any synthetic ingredients?

Our products do have some synthetic ingredients, mainly for preserving purposes. All our active substances are natural, such as minerals, vitamins and natural oils.

Are all the products of Elèna Didi paraben free?

All our products are absolutely paraben free.

Are the 24 Hour Creams of Elèna Didi dermatologically tested?

Yes, The 24 Hour Face Cream and 24 Hour Eye Cream of Elèna Didi  are  dermatologically tested by an independent  medical institute in Germany.  The results were more than satisfactory because the creams achieved the highest scores in all the survey catagories. 

Do you test your products of Elèna Didi on animals?

No, we love animals  and Elèna Didi  donates every year to the World Animal Protection just because we feel responsible for our planet and our animal friends.

How do I know what kind of skin type I have?

We invite you to read more about your skin type on our page ”  Skin types”  that is dedicated to all different kind of skin types.   Please click here.

How do I apply the 24 Hour Face Cream of Elèna Didi?

You can apply the 24 Hour Face Cream in the morning and evening with soft rotating lifting movements on a well cleansed skin. For the delicate skin under the eyes we advise you to  use the 24 Hour Eye Cream.

Why is it so important to use an eye cream?

The skin under the eyes is very sensitive, delicate and thin so wrinkles and fine lines are sooner noticed in this area. In order to prevent or restore wrinkles and fine lines it is important to use an eye cream.  The 24 Hour Eye Cream of Elèna Didi contains for this purpose amongst others Hyluronic Acid and Hamamelis.

How do I apply the 24 Hour Eye Cream?

You can apply the 24 Hour Eye Cream in the morning and evening with a light patting motion under the eyes on a well cleansed skin. Pat gently from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.

Why is it important to use a Facial Lotion every day?

It is very important to clean the skin thoroughly and to remove accumulated dirt from the pores so that the skin can continue to breath. The Facial Lotion of Elèna Didi is also acting as a Toner and  is used to restore the natural acidic PH of the skin.  Moreover, it leaves the skin fresh and soft ready to absorb other skincare products. 

Does the Facial Lotion contain any alcohol?

The Facial Lotion doesn’t contain any alcohol.

What is the effect of a Toner in the facial Lotion?

The effect of a toner in our Lotion is that it balances the pH value of the skin, it minimizes the pores, tightens the skin and energizes the cells.

Can I remove my Eye-Make up also with the Lotion of Elèna Didi?

The Facial Lotion of Elèna Didi is a very intensive cleanser and is also able to remove eye make-up.

How long does the perfume AMOURANT preserve it’s existing qualities?

If the perfume is stored in a cool dark environment and not exposed to high temperature variations, then the existing qualities of the perfume will remain at least 3 years.

How can I contact the customer service?

If you have any questions, remarks or complaints please feel free to contact us any time. Our team will answer your question during all working days within 48 hours.

Please send your email to

How can I receive the news letter?

We are happy to send you our newsletter, just click here to subscribe

Can I find Elèna Didi on Facebook or on other Social Media?

You can find Elèna Didi on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Pinterest.

Which payment services do you provide in your shop?

We accept payments by Ideal, and Paypal.

How long does it take before I receive my ordered products?

You receive your purchases within the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg  within 24 hours during working days. Outside of the Benelux it depends to which country we have to send the products.

Do I receive a track and trace code after purchasing Elèna Didi products online?

After we have received your order in our webshop you will receive a track and trace code, so that you are able to follow your purchase.

Do you also send your products outside of Europe?

We send our products all over the world.

Whom can we contact regarding press purposes?

For all press purposes you can contact our office by sending an email to

We would like to publish your logo, do we need your permission?

It is prohibited to use or publish our logo without written permission from our company. If you want to use or publish our logo then please mail to

Are you seeking for distributors, resellers or agents within or outside of the Benelux?

We are interested to do business all over the world and we would like to cooperate with distributors, resellers and agents who allready have a proven experience in cosmetics. Feel free to contact our sales director by sending an email to